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It’s the smarter way to more productive, higher fee conveyancing

Brighter Law Solutions takes the hassle out of selling your conveyancing services. Our model focuses on building high quality, well paid business. It’s a ‘best-in-class’ package of people and technology for your business to make more money.

Your firm will get more conveyancing work, do it more profitably, and with greater ease

You will benefit from a clear and undivided focus on your business needs. Many conveyancers compete only on price. Brighter Law Solutions focus on quality and profitability. You’ll make more money per client, deliver a higher quality service to your customers than your competitors and… with Brighter Law Solutions, you are always in control. You can do as much or as little as you like. We will take care of the rest.

Your firm will get more conveyancing work, do it more profitably, and with greater ease. It is a simple, cost effective, subscription-based service with lots of benefits.

Brighter Law experts champion your firm’s conveyancing business – professionally, seamlessly, effortlessly, and intelligently. (Some of our customers think of us as heroes. We’re really not - we’re just doing our job.)

Do as much or as little as you like - we will take care of the rest

It's the smarter way to a higher profit margin, more profitable conveyancing

Our Story

Access specialised tools to make more money from conveyancing

Keeping Conveyancers At The Heart Of Our Property Transactions

Disappointed with how the property industry in 2006 was treating conveyancers who used to be key figures in local communities, David Brown our MD – then Legal Service Director at the Live Organisation – saw that the market was changing. Property law was characterised by high volumes, poor service, terrible margins and deteriorating customer relationships.

More Comprehensive Work And Shorter Turn-around Times

Customers still needed help and support from their conveyancers during the stressful moving process but David realised that they were demanding more comprehensive work and shorter turn-around times that in turn would allow better margins for conveyancers.

Better Margins Allow Conveyancers To Build Stronger And More Customer-focused Practices That Make More Money

Brighter Law Solutions is dedicated to keeping conveyancers at the heart of our property transactions in villages, towns and cities across the UK.

When HIPS came in, it changed the point of sale from the solicitor to the Estate Agent. It decimated High Street conveyancing. Conveyancers suffered. Estate agents suffered. Home buyers suffered. Property lawyers struggled to compete on anything other than price. Service was abandoned as price points didn’t permit good levels of service. There was no differentiation in the conveyancing market place. Many solicitors became disillusioned with the tiny margins on offer and must have wondered where their future lay.

The New Breed Of Homebuyer Was Cash Rich And Time Poor

But the world was changing. David recognised that homebuyers were increasingly busy people and as such, they were demanding higher standards and a more comprehensive service. These homebuyers were happy to pay a premium for exceptional service because of their increasingly busy lives. Our parent company, Property Information Exchange, first met this new demand with technical solutions that made property searches easier to access.

However, as conveyancing customers become more discerning and demanding the conveyancing market needed more resources and solutions to help conveyancers build stronger, more profitable businesses. poweredbypie created Brighter Law Solutions (2015) to fill this gap in the marketplace.

A One-stop Shop For Conveyancing Professionals

Brighter Law Solutions is a one-stop shop for conveyancing professionals to access specialised tools to make more money from conveyancing.

In 2009, two of David’s colleagues, Paul Clarke and Sam Stanfield who were also at the Live Organisation, joined him at poweredbypie. Since then, through their hard work and dedication, they have both become Directors in the business. Sam, in particular, is key to championing Brighter Law Solutions.

Our Core Ethos At poweredbypie Is To “Add Value”. This Is The Cornerstone Of Everything That We Do

poweredbypie’s rapid growth has allowed us to attract other key industry figures for our team. People whose combined wealth of experience and knowledge will contribute significantly to poweredbypie’s growth.

Beth Rudolf, Don Belcher, Andy Watson and Kirk Brown come to us with significant industry experience and a desire to improve the conveyancers lot. Combined, they have knowledge and industry contacts spanning over a century. The strength and depth of people with a common goal “to empower solicitors” brings us to a new era in the conveyancing market.

Brighter Law Champions Your Sales Activities And Business Development For You

Brighter Law Solutions is the most comprehensive solicitor-centric service model that the conveyancing industry has ever seen. Property lawyers tell us that they loathe selling. Brighter Law champions your sales activities and business development for you. That way you can focus on legal work, building your client relationships, and making more money. It’s the smarter way law firms market conveyancing.

David Brown

Managing Director

“We knew that solicitors didn’t like selling and, frankly, were not that good at it when they did do it. There is little motivation to win low fee conveyancing work. It is almost impossible to survive on the High Street with such low margins. It is demoralising. Firms are not able to deliver the higher quality increasingly demanded by homebuyers at such a low price point. Property lawyers are generally very poorly treated, but I was never quite sure why.

Conveyancing became the legal grunt work that solicitors only begrudgingly carried out because it brought cash flow, and supposedly, new client opportunities into a law firm. Few felt that it could be a sustainable business except with very large volumes. Many High Street firms just didn’t want to do it.

During the down-turn, and now as part of the market improves, demand for a higher quality, faster more comprehensive service, is here. Customers wooed by cheap prices were then disappointed by the poor service. Now, the market is prepared to pay a premium for a service that provides benefits to the customer. Brighter Law Solutions create a model that encourages property lawyers to build better client and community relationships, with better margins that allow them to deliver superior quality to homebuyers and property investors.”


make your work life less stressful

sensationally fast, marvellously professional, strictly compliant

Brighter Law Solutions offer a suite of business development products and services to help conveyancers be more productive and make more money. Brighter Law Solutions champion your conveyancing business so that you don’t have to. Presented to you as a simple, cost effective subscription model, it gives you unrivalled business support for your conveyancing practice.

make your work life less stressful

The truth is our clients love us. Some of them even think of us as heroes. We’re not really - we take pride in our work.

It is carefully designed to make your work life less stressful, more rewarding and better paid. Brighter Law Solutions are also sensationally fast, marvellously professional, strictly compliant. We can shave days to weeks off the entire process for your clients.

You benefit from delivering to your clients an exceptional level of service, simplified processes, increased loyalty, greater prestige and, of course, making more money. We can help you with every part of your business development. Your dedicated ‘Business Champion’ will even help build relationships with estate agents and property developers or build a website. There is nothing we won’t try to do for our subscribers. The truth is our clients love us. Some of them even think of us as heroes.  We’re not really - we care about you and your business.

There is very little the Business Champions won’t do for you - if you don’t believe it, just ask!

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The ‘Brighter Law Suite’ included in your subscription provides you with vanguard software solutions, will improve productivity and simplify and calm the office. Brighter Law Solutions team of passionate and friendly Business Champions, combined with the trailblazing technological benefits, creates an unequalled competitive advantage for your business.

You will be freed up from the hassle of day-to-day chores that many conveyancers would rather do without – like making sales and labourious administrative tasks. Everything’s right at your fingertips. Throughout, you will receive extensive support and as much training as you or your team require. You keep control over everything. You can do as much or as little as you want.  We will do the rest. If there is something that you need that we don’t already do, we’ll figure it out with you.

The simple reporting function means your referral relationships will be strong, clear and easy to manage

We help you convert enquiries to instructions through fast track provision of professional, electronic estimates and easy-to-use diary tracking and reporting functions. You can get a fee estimation engine built right into your own website and more advanced quotes can be delivered instantly – even while a client is still on the phone.  Everything is perfectly compliant with our templates. Alternatively, you can use your own forms. You can even permit estate agents and builders to generate quotes on your behalf, with your locked down fees, so that you can generate more income out of your office hours.

Setup is quick and straightforward to implement

Knowing who in your business is good at giving quotes means that you can improve conversion rates and make the most of every opportunity. Brighter Law Solution’s Management Information Systems allow you to quickly identify your top producers, allowing you to leverage them better across your business.

Even the quote engine attached to your website can secure you instructions without you having to lift a finger.  More often than not following up with a phone call secures an instruction. It is simple to follow through and complete the transaction and so maintain the relationship.

The simple reporting function means your referral relationships will be strong, clear and easy to manage.

With the added benefits of diary tracking, more detailed reporting functions, milestone updates, case tracking facilities and mutual online invoicing, Brighter Law Solutions will ensure your referral network becomes long-term and fruitful.

It’s simple to use and flexible to your business needs

You can even ‘white label’ solutions so that your customers see only your brand and not ours. All our technological solutions are web based so there is no server space or installation required.

You can deliver a proactive, professional service that the majority of homebuyers are now telling the market that they want - without having to compete on price.

The solutions are flexible to fit your business needs and have many innovative benefits for you, including the following:

  • Make more money
  • Convert more of your enquiries into actual business
  • Deliver exceptional quality
  • Out-of-Office Hours quotations – earning you more business opportunities
  • Potentially shave days to weeks off delivery times for homebuyers
  • Fulfil your regulatory and compliance requirements simply
  • Unrivalled help with your business development
  • automated referral mechanism
  • user notification systems
  • log and case tracking functions
  • record keeping
  • integrated diary management and follow ups
  • Management Information Systems and operational analytics
  • Recruitment of estate agents and property developers
  • Website (Digital Media) support
  • Using poweredbypie for the searches reduces the subscription cost

Reviews & Case Studies

We go above and beyond

Brighter Law Solutions' Business Champions Make All The Difference

We are not just a power technology provider. Our experts drive your firm’s conveyancing business.

We go above and beyond… and although some of our customers think of us as heroes, we’re really not, we’re just doing our job.

Miriam Saxl
Ford Simey LLP

“As a practice we had known Trevor Hellawell, our Business Champion, for years. Trevor worked with us on our Lexcel accreditation and on compliance training and support. When Trevor joined Brighter Law Solutions and showed us the Brighter Law Suite (software) we were immediately confident that this was a credible proposition”.

technologies and solutions which are actively benefitting their conveyancing operation

Ford Simey had already recognised some issues within their conveyancing operation. As the firm expanded, for example, it was evident that differing working practices like cost calculation and client quotation were at best time consuming and at worst, losing the firm money and potentially exposing them to risk.

“We always had fixed fee scales but each office thought that they needed their own independent scales.  We needed a consistent approach to fees that everyone was comfortable with and which reflected the transaction’s risk. We quickly realised that as well as saving a lot of time in our quotation process that the Brighter Law Suite (software) also gave us the Management Information we really needed. It was key in demonstrating, for example, where fee scales were or were not profitable and where the application of ‘mate’s rates’ might expose us to avoidable risk”.

As a Compliance Manager, Miriam is always focused on ensuring risk is minimised for the firm and the client. This is often at odds with maximising opportunity – there has to be a balance. The expansion in residential new build in Devon, for example, means that as an early adopter of the Brighter Law Suite, Ford Simey were able to become the conveyancer of choice for many developments.

“Trevor is effectively working as a business development resource for the firm by taking our estate agent’s component of Brighter Law Suite to the sales offices on our behalf. Adding this to the improvement we’ve experienced by having the Brighter Law Suite’s quick quote button on our website, it means we are receiving and actioning new conveyancing enquiries seven days a week. The neat bit is that we’re not having to work any harder to achieve this.”

Working with Brighter Law Solutions has introduced Ford Simey to technologies and solutions which are actively benefitting their conveyancing operation.

“When we moved over to Brighter Law Solutions we took the opportunity to review our conveyancing search provision. poweredbypie’s searches (Brighter Law’s parent company) aren’t just competitive, they are supported by excellent customer service. The SPIDER ordering system coupled with Land Registry (INSPIRE) Property Boundaries is fantastic.”

the conveyancer of choice for many developments

Ford Simey is a multi-disciplinary law firm with offices in Exeter, Exmouth, Sidmouth and Honiton.

The firm’s ambition is to cement its reputation and position as one of the leading, most-trusted and reliable law firms in Devon. Ford Simey solicitors are individuals keen to understand clients' needs and act upon them quickly and competently.

Credibility is a watchword which cannot be compromised. Ford Simey engaged Brighter Law Solutions because its people are as credible as its solutions.


Miriam Saxl is a Private Client Partner and Head of Compliance at Ford Simey LLP in Exeter.

Daldeep Jaswal
Buss Murton Law LLP

“Because we were established in 1713 we get a lot of repeat business. We’re not the cheapest firm in the area. In fact, we generally charge above the average. This doesn’t stop the work coming in and we’re still aiming to grow our volumes by upwards of 100 cases per month.”

Together Buss Murton and Brighter Law Solutions are delivering a seamless client experience

In addition to repeat business, Buss Murton also receive instructions from panels (lower margin) and local referrals (higher margin). A challenge for conveyancers is to balance the mix of instructions to ensure the firm is maximising profits.

“Brighter Law Suite’s Management Information is valuable. Jeremy, our Brighter Law Business Champion, regularly reviews our conversion rates and is helping us ensure enquiry conversions are growing steadily.

When all our teams are using Brighter Law Suite we are able to track conversion rates accurately. We can also test the market to increase fees, adding for example, a “Busy Fee Scale” to help balance workloads etc. The important thing is the confidence we gain. We are competitive and offer a great service and value to our clients. We couldn’t do any of this without the Brighter Law Suite.

“Brighter Law Solutions has made us much more efficient. Previously we could take 3 or 4 hours to get quotes out to a client. We now take 5 – 10 minutes!

On telephone enquiries, fee earners often hear the client’s email ‘ping’ in the background with the arrival of our quote generated through the Brighter Law Suite.

Brighter Law Suite makes phone enquiries and conversions more efficient – impressively so. Recently a client visited our Dartford office to enquire about conveyancing. In the time it took for him to be settled into a meeting room, the fee earner had created a quote and emailed it out. The client was reading it on his smartphone as the fee earner entered the meeting room.”

Balancing business and exceeding expectations

Buss Murton is one of the oldest law firms in the South-East. The firm provides legal services to a wide range of business and personal clients.

Many law firms focus on managing their own risk by producing standardised documents and responses. This approach, however, fails to reflect the nuances of individual cases.  In contrast, Buss Murton Law place a great emphasis on having experienced lawyers give bespoke and practical advice tailored to a client’s particular circumstances.


Daldeep Jaswal is Head of Property at Buss Murton LLP and Senior Responsible Officer for their CQS accreditation.

Paul Grant
Bernard Chill & Axtell

“The speed of conveyancing means that increasing conveyancing transactions enables us to fund the timescales for billing in activities like criminal and litigation cases.”

Although BCA were clear about their objectives, they also recognised a number of challenges. Critically, too many expensive fee earners were involved in the administration of new business, rather than the delivery of outcomes for the customer.

We are constantly looking to improve efficiency

“Prior to working with Brighter Law Solutions, 15 minutes to generate a quote was common. Staff were using spreadsheets which they then had to cut and paste into Word.

We are constantly looking to improve efficiency and the Brighter Law Suite (software package) helped us with this immensely. We’ve freed up a lot of fee earner time to concentrate on actual conveyancing, while other staff focus on customer service and providing the quotes.

With Brigher Law Solutions we now issue quotes in seconds, no calculator or spreadsheet required. It’s consistent and compliant across the whole of BCA.

Now only three fee earners are involved in quoting. The rest of the quotes go through a first contact person who is competent, customer-focussed and much cheaper. This also happens to be more efficient and successful than the qualified solicitors. When you’re issuing 40 plus quotes per month, saving 15 minutes means we’ve effectively freed up at least 10 hours of fee earner time per month.”

Working with Brighter Law Solutions has had other benefits. With the support of the team at Brighter Law Solutions, BCA have made operational improvements that have made them more profitable and more compliant.

“David Burrell, our Business Champion, trained our first responder. That helped build confidence and identified when and why enquiry conversion rates dropped. Brighter Law Suite’s detailed Management Information package helped identify where more help and support were needed. That first responder is now converting at a rate of 62%.

We continue to roll out our efficiency improvements and plan to use their search payment collection process next. With a couple of simple changes to our case management system we can issue the request to collect payment and order the searches, again saving us so much time”.

With Brighter Law Solutions we now issue quotes in seconds

Bernard Chill & Axtell (BCA) is an established firm of Hampshire solicitors with nearly 70 years of heritage and experience helping others to change their circumstances and ultimately their lives.

Multi-disciplinary practices like BCA are involved in many areas of law where cash flow can be extremely slow. However, unlike many of their contemporaries, BCA have clear objectives to mitigate cash flow impacts.


Paul Grant is Managing Partner of Bernard Chill & Axtell.


Lisa Nyland. Partner.

We've been using Brighter Law Solutions as our search provider for as long as I can remember. They are truly committed to providing a first class service and comprehensive customer support.

Brighter Law Solutions' depth of knowledge of conveyancing searches and the industry in general is invaluable and they continuously keep us updated with any developments in the ever-changing world of conveyancing and searches.

The Brighter Law Solutions' order platform is simple and easy to use, and the notification system is incredibly helpful. The support team are personable, on the ball and my staff love dealing with them.


Morgan Kelly Solicitors

Sarah Edmunds. Solicitor & Principal.

This time last year, every time a customer rang for a fee estimate, it took far too much time to create the quotation letter and send it to the customer. Thankfully we were offered Brighter Law Suite, and it has made a considerable difference to all of our staff and customers.

The system allows anyone in the office to create a quote in seconds with just the property price, which is great as the customer can be told the fees over the phone. The quote can then be emailed to the client before the end of the call, or sent out in that evenings post. The system stores our open quotes online and the diary system is great for keeping track of follow up calls. I can even run reports at any time to show how many quote enquiries and new customers we’ve won. Setup was easy too. We just gave our fees, logo and a copy of our existing quote letter to Brighter Law Solutions and they did the rest.

Brighter Law Suite is an exceptional system which has simplified our quotation process, saving us time and increasing our business yield. I can’t wait to try more of Brighter Law’s solutions.

VISIT Morgan Kelly Solicitors

Slade Legal

Amanda Hodson. Slade Legal.

The commercial case is compelling enough. The whole process of adopting Brighter Law Solutions and putting them in practice is straightforward. It’s fast. It’s easy. It is an exceptional system which has simplified our quotation process, saves us time, wins us more business and increases our return.

VISIT Slade Legal

Business Champions

Our friendly and experienced team are on hand to guide you in the best direction possible

We are passionate about our conveyancing solution teams and supporting the communities in which they live

That’s one of the reasons why each Employee of the Month gets to donate £1000 to a charity of their choice and why we donate 10% of our profits to good causes - locally and around the UK.

We know that how we care for the team has an impact on how you are greeted by our people in person, on the telephone or in an email.

Clients are constantly telling us that it’s Brighter Law Solutions’ people that keep us head and shoulders above the rest. We treat our team like heroes so that they become your champions.

David Brown

Managing Director

Our fearless leader started in the property sector in 1997. While Legal Services Director at Live Organisation, David was increasingly disillusioned and frustrated by how poorly conveyancers were being treated as a profession within the industry. He firmly believed that there should be a conveyancer at the heart of every community – someone with extensive local knowledge. Conveyancing had become a commodity. There was little consideration for homebuyers other than price. Transactions were being carried out in an almost warehouse/factory-style environment by inexperienced people who had little knowledge of the homebuyers' community. It was a lot to do with rubber-stamping and ticking boxes. As a champion of the underdog and local communities, David didn’t want to see conveyancing disappear from the High Street. In 2006 he founded Property Information Exchange to deliver an outstanding property search service. He also began to develop tools and resources to champion conveyancers in their local marketplaces.

“From the outset, I wanted poweredbypie to be forward thinking, yet approachable. Too many companies lose sight of their main objectives as soon as they get off the ground. I wanted our people, products and services to become synonymous with excellence – and they are. Experience has shown that problems can be resolved cleanly, efficiently and successfully if we have the right team and the best resources available. We created Brighter Law Solutions to do just that – solve conveyancers’ problems.”

David lives in Marlow and is a firm believer in charitable giving. He built an eco-friendly house for his family and has built homes for underprivileged families in Guatemala.


Operations Director

Sam began her rapid rise in the Property sector in 2003. Since then she has gone from strength to strength demonstrating a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. She also has exceptional people skills. In 2009, she became the Operations Director at poweredbypie. She is the driving force behind Brighter Law Solutions.

Sam’s proactive and incredibly charming – that’s why clients love her. She has a proven track record of successfully managing relationships and always delivering a first class service.

Sam lives in Wokingham. She loves horses and cats and often steps in to help when they are in distress. In fact, Sam has been involved in re-homing at-risk cats from Spain and has adopted two rescue horses. She is passionate about their love and care. Sam also loves supporting the local communities.

She says of poweredbypie “We are an exceptional community-driven company with a big heart.”


Strategy & Channel Development

Andy Watson has had a long and varied career working with conveyancing, land and property professionals. A qualified Land Surveyor, Andy spent almost 20 years with Ordnance Survey. Ultimately, he ran their Commercial Partnerships and digital data resale business, working to establish innovative businesses like Groundsure.

Following 12 years as Head of Sales at Landmark Information Group and divisional Managing Director of Jordans Ltd, he joined poweredbypie in 2013 to help drive the success of Brighter Law Solutions through strategic relationships and broad channel development.

Andy is a reader and eclectic music lover as well as a notorious ‘tinkerer’ when it come to vehicles of all kinds. Winter brings the call of the ski slopes and the rest of the year he loves adventure travel and family time.

Beth Rudolf

Legal Services Development

Beth started out as an estate agent in 1990 before moving into the legal sector and qualifying as a legal executive and licensed conveyancer. She also has qualifications in marketing, psychology and mortgage practice. Beth worked in both High Street and volume conveyancing practices, including growing and managing a top 20 law firm. Beth has also served as the CEO of the Society of Licensed Conveyancers, Director for Delivery for the Conveyancing Association and Working Party Co-ordinator for the LPE1 form.

She engages in media activities such as television and radio and presenting at industry events. Beth juggles motherhood with a thirst for extreme sports such as paragliding, scuba-diving, skiing and has even been on a stunt course to learn to jump off tall buildings.


Jeremy has a wealth of experience in the legal and property sectors. He has more than a decade’s experience of helping conveyancing solicitors through challenging times like the introduction of HIPS and recessions. His first priority is providing a first class service to his clients and helping develop and implement solutions to help grow conveyancing business. He is married with 5 young children. He lives in Eastbourne and enjoys the sea and rural surroundings. He loves to take his children Go-Karting and quad and motor-biking. He enjoys sea fishing and jet-skiing, and BBQs all year round.

Shaun Cannell

Shaun has a total of fifteen years’ experience within the industry and thirteen years of this with NWPS, creating and maintaining a significant client base in the North East. His experience includes working with stakeholders both regionally and nationally. He has studied business and marketing. He has two boys and coaches their under 12s football team. He loves holidays and, more than anything, spending time with his boys.

Daniel Hamilton-Charlton

Daniel was educated in Hampshire before attending university in Hull. He spent 14 years at an estate agency before becoming a property consultant where he helped with the development of conveyancing legal network. Before joining Brighter Law Solutions, he established a national network of law firms to handle probate transactions for a well-known financial institution. Daniel is married with three children. He currently lives in a market town in Northamptonshire. He’s a keen all year round motorcyclist, loves long walks with his family and dog, and keeps chickens, degus and fish.

Don Belcher

Don began his career at Alliance & Leicester (now part of Santander) where he worked for 24 years in a variety of roles. He then spent 4 years at First Title, setting up and managing the 15 strong sales team. He spent the last 10 years at OneSearch Direct in a similar role of managing and developing a sales team working closely with the legal profession. Don graduated with a degree in History from Southampton University. While at A&L, he obtained the ACIB qualification, and then an MBA from Heriot Watt University.   Don lives in Leicestershire and is married with 3 children, a step-daughter, and 3 grandchildren.

Shaun Stephens

Shaun comes to us with a wealth of experience in business development, having worked in a variety of roles over the last 7 years. His CV includes roles at security and safety giant Chubb, and Northgate vehicle hire. The practical joker of the bunch, Shaun likes to compare himself to Lenny Henry. While we're yet to be convinced he's on the same plain as the legendary Brummie comedian, there are certainly some similarities in his easy charm and witty one-liners! A proud Brummie himself, Shaun is a fanatical Aston Villa supporter and hasn’t quite hung up his own boots, still playing as often as possible. Shaun lives in Birmingham, and is married with two boisterous young sons, who keep him rushed off his feet, when the football and Lenny Henry impersonations don't!

David Burrell

After leaving school David went into management at John Lewis. He served in a variety of roles before leaving in the late 80’s to join the property sector. David has extensive experience in estate agency management including land, property development, financial services, and a company directorship. He works hard to exceed expectations. He’s a keen, but by his own admission, not very good, golfer, and he’s Chairman of the Property-Related Golf Society.  A doting and traditional family man married in 1991, he has two daughters - both still in fulltime education. He’s a self-confessed coffee and, where affordable, wine snob.  David is also a keen skier and has a general hankering for food and travel.

Andy Stradling

Andy has been working in the property sector since leaving 6th form college in 1987. His experience includes estate agency (from trainee to running his own), lettings, panel management solutions and Brighter Law Solutions. Andy is married and loves being a Dad to his beautiful daughter, who keeps him very busy. He likes motorsport, golf and watching football.

Trevor Hellawell

Trevor is a solicitor who has spent the bulk of his career as a legal training and management consultant working with BPP, MBL, LIPS Legal, the University of Law, local law societies, major law firms and many other clients. Until recently returning to the freelance arena, he was Head of Law Programmes at BPP College. He is also a Lexcel Practice Management Assessor and a Business Champion for Brighter Law. He writes the Law Society’s Environmental Law Handbook. He’s keen on walking, cars, and the coast. He enjoys watching a number of different sports.

Mike Stainsby

Mike has worked in the property industry and legal sectors for most of his working life from estate agency to HIPS and searches - through boom and bust. He is a Londoner at heart but grew up in the Home Counties where he still has many friends and relatives. Mike is married with one 'IT expert' teenage son who well and truly keeps him ‘on his toes.’  He is also a self-confessed petrol head with a preference for two wheels, having toured a substantial part of Europe on his beloved BMW motorbike.

Sofia Luxton

As May's winner of EoTM - Sofia chose the Anxiety UK as her charity.

Anxiety UK works to relieve and support those living with anxiety and anxiety-based depression by providing information, support and understanding via an extensive range of services. "I would like to donate to this charity as we know people dear to us that have had to deal with this psychological problem. It ended up taking their life and I think the work that they do to support those with this condition is incredible."


We are proud to tell our conveyancing partners, and the world, that Property Information Exchange and Brighter Law Solutions donate 10% of our profits to charity.

Not only do we support local and national charities in this fashion - each ‘Employee of the Month’ chooses a charity to receive a £1000 donation from the company. This is one of the many forward-thinking things we do with our team. It’s also another reason why some of our clients think of us as ‘local heroes.’

We make it a practice to encourage sharing - at work, at home, and in our communities. From time to time we all need a helping hand. So we try to give back. We also like to help others achieve their goals. We believe that consistent giving promotes a strong, caring, healthy society, and is to everyone’s benefit.

Below is a selection of recent events that we have supported and some of the donations we have made. We are always particularly pleased to be able to support local individuals, organisations, and charities but as you will see from the list below, we do this across the country too.

We've Supported: